Friday, October 19, 2012

How Doggles Saved my Eyes

What can't I say about my Doggles? You all know how much I am in love with mine and how AWESOME they make me look, but did you know that they saved my eyes?

As many of you know, I have been having many eye troubles lately and have to be on eye medication the rest of my life. My vet said that she was glad that I was using my Doggles when I went out and that she reccommends them to many of her patients, so I guess I beat her to that. Anyway, right now I am being treated for a scratch on my right eye and we are not sure exactly how it happened, but can you imagine how bad my eyes would have been had I not been wearing my doggles when I went out of the house?

Think about all the times I've gone to the dog parks with wood chips on the ground, or when I am at those parks and go running in the bushes. When Mommy throws the ball and accidently throws it too far. Then I have to retrieve it from the blackberry bushes that have all the thorns. Mommy always has to pick the thorns from in my skin when I come out, but did they get into my eyes? NO! My eyes are safe!

Doggles are very stylish too! I thinks I see a new pair coming in the future.....maybe for Christmas?

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