Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My favorite things: Paco Collars

I love doing reviews on products and promoting businesses that I love. I also love finding new product to talk about! This brings me to the business I am sharing with you today, Paco Collars! I found out about these at the American Family Pet Expo in Puyallup, Washinton this past Saturday and they are absolutely great. These Collars are made of good quality leather and are custom made by hand. You don't find that very much any more.

I am wearing The Pickles black leather collar, but they also come in brown and tan as well. There are also a wide range of designs and sizes for your dog too. From Giant and Large to Medium and Small, Paco Collars has them all! Just check out their website. You won't be disappointed! http://pacocollars.com/

The company doesn't just make dog collars either, that's just what I'm highlighting on today. You can get leather leashes, cat collars, and you can even get custum ID tags. For the humans, you can get belts, bracelets, Paco Collars t-shirts, and more!

These collars also come with a lifetime guarantee. This is what the website says.

***Your Paco Collar comes with a lifetime of free repair. Of course, we’re banking on the fact that you’ll never need it, but should something break, we’ll repair or replace your product.

That said, know that we do have limitations…if your dog chews its collar to shreds, we can’t fix that, but any repair resulting from product failure will be taken care of. This offer doesn’t extend to paint jobs, carving work, and a handful of pre-fabricated decorations (like the Milan Hearts). However, even those are covered should any of the hardware fail.

Also note that the tan colored leather does vary greatly from hide to hide, and may turn quite dark over time. You can prevent this by removing it before your dog goes swimming or does something particularly dirty, and then it should retain its color for years to come and break into a lovely light brown shade.

Lastly, and there’s no gentle way to say this, when your pet goes, we will turn your product into a memorial bracelet for free. Just send us the collar and your wrist size, and we’ll make you a wearable memento. ***

I highly recommend this company. You can buy online as well as in many stores across the United States. If you live outside the USA, that's okay because there are also stores that sell Paco Collars in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany and Japan.

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