Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my blog fans! This year I asked my Facebook followers to send in pictures of their dogs in costume and we got a lot of great pictures! I will start off with my picture first, followed by the others.

Me as the Mailman and Sadie as a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

From left to right Blue, Bono, and Roxy Pugstar as Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins, and Galadriel

Arlo as a Bumblebee

Harley Girl

Napoleon the French Bulldog as a Lion

His sister Josephine is a Piggie

Gracie Gladstone the Boston Terrier is a Bumblebee

Gracie dresses up again as a Pumpkin

Oscar the Rhodesian Ridgeback dresses up in style! I personally love the picture of Oscar in the bandit mask.

Lucy the Vampire

Izzie in her Halloween dress

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! I will leave you with these cuties!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mud Puddle Club Photography

So, this past Saturday my family went out to several pet stores to do several pet costume contests. One of the shops we went to was Pet Pros in Bothell, Wa. They were having a pet costume contest and to enter you would get your photo taken by a photographer and that picture would be emailed to the store.

Mud Puddle Club Photography was doing the pictures and they were having a Halloween special, so mom decided why not have someone else do the photography for a change? That way we can get our pictures taken and promote a business at the same time. Especially since it's a photography business, which are near and dear to mommy's heart.

Here are the pictures!

If anyone in Washington State is interested, here is the website.

Friday, October 26, 2012

I Wish Every Dog Had A Loving Home

I live in a very loving home with my wonderful sister Sadie, my Guinea Pig sisters Cinnamon Spice and Vanilla Bean, and my lizard Gollum. I get my belly rubbed everyday, a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, food in my belly, lots of toys to play with, and walks/hikes/or trips to the beach. Could I imagine my life without these? No. Sadie could though.....because she lived it for the first 3-5 years of her life. Sadie knows how it feels to be all alone, with no one to snuggle, no one who cares. She was lucky enough to never end up in a shelter.

Most of my doggie friends are in wonderful, loving homes too. I say most because like Arnie, who I posted about on Monday, some don't have a home. Oh sure, some may live in a foster home but it's not the same as having a real home. I wish every dog could experience it at some time in their life. Actually, I take that back. I wish every ANIMAL had a loving home starting at some point in their life and only ending when their last breath escapes from their body. To have their human right by their side the whole time.

I am a dog on a mission! To help get as many dogs out of shelters or foster care and into loving homes. As many dogs as I can at least. Sadie inspired me to make this mission my goal in life. Look in her eyes. What do you see?

I can tell you what you won't see. You won't see the scared dog I saw almost 4 years ago. Sitting in the back of a crate with her tail between her legs from being so frightened. You won't see the pain she suffered for all those horrible years living in a very small crate with no food or water, having to pee and poop where she slept. She would then be forced to get pregnant and give birth to her puppies all by herself. No one helped her because no one cared.

What you will see is a very content dog that is happy for the life she has now. She has been given a second chance at life. Mommy loves to watch her sleep because she looks so peaceful.

I may be a small dog, but I am on a BIG mission. I won't be able to help them all, but I will sure try!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainbows Really are Good Luck

Rainbows are supposed to be a sign of good luck and it looks like it's true! On Sunday me and my family saw a double rainbow outside of our apartment. Yesterday I had another vet appointment to check my eyes again and we were hoping that this double rainbow would be a sign of good news at the vet office.

Well, it must have been a really good sign because the appointment went great! The eye stain was done first to make sure the scratch had healed and it did. This is great news because I don't have to be on the antibiotic eye drop or the Rimadyl anymore.

I still have to be on the anti-inflammatory eye drop and the drop to reduce the pressure in my left eye. I will have to be on these two medications the rest of my life and I'm okay with that. Mommy gives me a treat every time I get an eye drop!

Mommy and Daddy have to watch out for my eyes getting really red, squinting of either eye, or any other sign that my eyes are bothering me. If I show any of these signs, I have to go to the vet again as soon as possible. Hopefully that won't happen any time soon and, if all goes well, I will be seeing the vet again in three months for another eye check.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescue Friend of the Week: Arnie

Once a week I will be posting about 1-2 rescue friend(s) that need a loving home. If you can adopt or know someone who can adopt them, let me know or use the contact info in the blog post. And now, This is Arnie! Arnie is located in Washington State.

ARNIE is an 8 year old 27 pound male Boston. He came into rescue because his owner could not keep him at his home. He gets along well with other dogs and loves people, especially men.

Arnie is not crate trained but he is housetrained. He is confident and playful and he seems to know "sit" and "go lay down". He is affectionate and loves to cuddle. His favorite things to do are to play ball, go for car rides, cuddle and go for walks.

Arnie does have cataracts in both eyes. He sees pretty well and needs eye drops daily. The drops will cost about $50 for 4 months. He is up to date on his shots and is micro chipped.

Arnie is looking for a home to live out his days. That home would have someone willing to take on his eye care. They would be patient, be willing to include Arnie in their family activities, take him for walks, and take him to an obedience class to refresh his skills. It would be a home where someone would be home part of the day or able to come home for lunch.

If you or your family can provide Arnie with a healthy, safe, and loving home, please contact Vicki at

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rosie and Marni Celebrate Their Birthday

A while back I posted the recipe for my birthday cake on the blog just in case anyone wanted to make it. One of my fans contacted me via my facebook page and told me that they were going to bake it for their aunt's dogs because the dogs had birthdays coming up. I was so happy to hear about this and couldn't wait to see pictures. Both the dogs look very happy with the cakes and they both happily ate it!

This is Rosie and she turned 11 years old on October 1st. She loved the cake and ate it really fast!

This is Marni and she loved her cake too! She took her piece out of her bowl, went outside with it and ate it in the back of the garden. She didn't want Rosie or anyone else to get it.

Happy Belated Birthday Rosie and Marni! I am so glad to have you as my friends!

Friday, October 19, 2012

How Doggles Saved my Eyes

What can't I say about my Doggles? You all know how much I am in love with mine and how AWESOME they make me look, but did you know that they saved my eyes?

As many of you know, I have been having many eye troubles lately and have to be on eye medication the rest of my life. My vet said that she was glad that I was using my Doggles when I went out and that she reccommends them to many of her patients, so I guess I beat her to that. Anyway, right now I am being treated for a scratch on my right eye and we are not sure exactly how it happened, but can you imagine how bad my eyes would have been had I not been wearing my doggles when I went out of the house?

Think about all the times I've gone to the dog parks with wood chips on the ground, or when I am at those parks and go running in the bushes. When Mommy throws the ball and accidently throws it too far. Then I have to retrieve it from the blackberry bushes that have all the thorns. Mommy always has to pick the thorns from in my skin when I come out, but did they get into my eyes? NO! My eyes are safe!

Doggles are very stylish too! I thinks I see a new pair coming in the future.....maybe for Christmas?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Recheck Vet Visit

Yesterday I went to the vet again so she could look at my eyes and make sure they are doing okay. The visit didn't go how we expected and we got some good news and some bad news. Do you want me to give you the good or bad news first? Okay, I'll give the good news first.

The good news is that my eyes are looking much better! The pressure in my eyes is on the low end of normal and it's right where it should be.

The bad news is that I have a scratch on my right eye (my good eye) that has to be treated. The vet took me off the steroid eye drop because it can cause the scratch to take a long time to heal and that could lead to infection. I am now back on Rimadyl for any inflammation in the eye, a anti-infective eye drop, an anti-inflammatory eye drop, and I will continue to use the eye drop to reduce the pressure in my eye.

The vet also heard a slight heart murmur that will have to be monitered, but it is nothing to worry about right now.

I am very sorry about this Mommy. I know that you really didn't want to hear anything like this right before the wedding. I know you still love me but I feel bad about what has happened.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

Mommy's wedding is next Saturday, the 13th, and she is going to have a really yummy cake at the reception! She wanted a Boston Terrier cake topper but couldn't find one that she liked, so she got creative. She found these Boston Terrier salt and pepper shakers online and got them. She is going to use them to top her wedding cake and then, after the wedding, use them as salt and pepper shakers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crawling Competition

Mommy is a nanny for a 3 yr old little boy and I LOVE playing with him! We are the best of friends! The other day we had a great time by having a crawling contest. It didn't matter who won. We just wanted to have some fun.

I start out strong!

Then, I start to slow down. NOOOOO! I'm running out of energy!

I stop for a minute to eat some grass.

Wait! I have just enough energy to pick myself up and keep crawling!

I finish the race and have a fun time too. It was great!