Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hiking at Saint Edwards State Park

Our family loves hiking every spring and summer. Usually by the end of winter, we start get ready for long hikes by going on shorter trails. Luckily, Washington State has plenty of trails to explore. One of our favorite spots is Saint Edwards State Park in Kenmore, Washington. It doesn't have long trails but it's so beautiful. We went on a small hike over the weekend and it was so much fun.

First, We made our way down about 1.5 miles to Lake Washington.

Giving Mom the "What did I do?" look.

Sitting on the big rocks by Lake Washington

Checking out this old hollow log. Mom had to stop me from going down into it.

Standing in this hollowed out tree.

I found a stick!

Another hollowed out tree.

I love the great outdoors!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Q & A

I thought I would do a Q & A session with me. The questions were sent to me from fans of mine. If this goes well, I will do more Question and Answer posts.

Q1) Are you a rescue boy?

A) No. Mommy got me when I was 8 weeks old.

Q2) Did you come from a breeder?

A)I came from a breeder who bred my mom Lucy because the guy's niece wanted one of her puppies. Sadly, Lucy is no longer with us. She accidentally drowned in a neighbor's pool when I was a year old. She was pregnant with her 2nd litter at the time. Here's a picture of her.

Q3) Do you ever go swimming at Silver Lake?

A) I go swimming at a lot of lakes, but I have never swam at Silver Lake in Washington State. I would totally be up for it though!

Q4) How many furry siblings do you have, related or not?

A) I'll start off with the related siblings. I have 9 related siblings, 7 are still living(that I know of). 2 were stillborn. I also have several siblings in my home that are not related to me. I live with one other dog, a chihuahua, named Sadie. I have 3 furry guinea pig siblings named Cinnamon Spice, Nathan, and Olive. I also have one sibling at home that is not furry at all. He's a Leopard Gecko named Gollum.

Q5) What do you carry in your backpack?

A) I always have a backpack on when I go hiking and I get asked this question a lot. I carry pretty much all of my stuff. I carry Water, a folding water bowl, treats, baby wipes, poop bags, a ball, and a small stuffed toy. I think that's all, but I'm not positive.

Q6) Where did you get your tuxedo?

A) I think I got it at a local pet store called Denny's Pet World about 6 year ago.

Q7) Where did you get your pajamas?

A) Those adorable pajamas I wear sometimes were made by my grandma(mommy's mom). She used to have a business making dog clothes but now she only does commissions.

Q8) Is red your signature color?

A) Yes, it is. I wear a lot of colors, but red looks the best on me(or so I've been told).

I hope to to more of these posts in the future!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Outtakes

We always get great pictures when we do photoshoots, but sometimes we get a lot of "mistake" pictures in the process. I think it's time that we get to see some of our outtakes.

I like to do the squinty eyes

Still cute, but I'm not looking at the camera.

Closing my eyes for the moment.

The look of "What just happened?!"

When it comes to the guinea pigs, Olive never wants to sit still.

Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Well, It's the day after Valentine's Day and I thought I would blog about our Valentine's photoshoot. Mom packed up my tuxedo and roses, along with some treats and a ball, and we headed of to the beach for some pictures. The weather wasn't all that great and it lightly sprinkled rain, but we got it done and the photos turned out really great.

So here they are.

I look so good in my tuxedo! The three roses are for three of my favorite girls, Chewy, Zoey, and Flora.

I can't forget about the Guinea Pigs!



And Cinnamon Spice