Monday, February 25, 2013

Q & A

I thought I would do a Q & A session with me. The questions were sent to me from fans of mine. If this goes well, I will do more Question and Answer posts.

Q1) Are you a rescue boy?

A) No. Mommy got me when I was 8 weeks old.

Q2) Did you come from a breeder?

A)I came from a breeder who bred my mom Lucy because the guy's niece wanted one of her puppies. Sadly, Lucy is no longer with us. She accidentally drowned in a neighbor's pool when I was a year old. She was pregnant with her 2nd litter at the time. Here's a picture of her.

Q3) Do you ever go swimming at Silver Lake?

A) I go swimming at a lot of lakes, but I have never swam at Silver Lake in Washington State. I would totally be up for it though!

Q4) How many furry siblings do you have, related or not?

A) I'll start off with the related siblings. I have 9 related siblings, 7 are still living(that I know of). 2 were stillborn. I also have several siblings in my home that are not related to me. I live with one other dog, a chihuahua, named Sadie. I have 3 furry guinea pig siblings named Cinnamon Spice, Nathan, and Olive. I also have one sibling at home that is not furry at all. He's a Leopard Gecko named Gollum.

Q5) What do you carry in your backpack?

A) I always have a backpack on when I go hiking and I get asked this question a lot. I carry pretty much all of my stuff. I carry Water, a folding water bowl, treats, baby wipes, poop bags, a ball, and a small stuffed toy. I think that's all, but I'm not positive.

Q6) Where did you get your tuxedo?

A) I think I got it at a local pet store called Denny's Pet World about 6 year ago.

Q7) Where did you get your pajamas?

A) Those adorable pajamas I wear sometimes were made by my grandma(mommy's mom). She used to have a business making dog clothes but now she only does commissions.

Q8) Is red your signature color?

A) Yes, it is. I wear a lot of colors, but red looks the best on me(or so I've been told).

I hope to to more of these posts in the future!

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