Monday, November 5, 2012

Rescue Friend of the Day: Alexa!

Alexa is a young(under 2 yrs) Great Dane/Mastiff mix who is looking for a forever home. She has a very sweet, mild temperment and wants to be loved. Alexa is also housetrained, working on crate training, is great with other dogs, and is also good with cats. Dog respectful children, 12 and older would be best. She was surrendered when her family could no longer care for her.

Alexa's Health:

Alexa may have Wobbler disease; this has not been confirmed due to the cost of the confirmatory MRI but based on her symptoms, breed and age, it is likely. She is on gabapentin and needs to stay on it indefinitely. It makes the difference for her in not being able to walk or even stand easily, to that of a dog who can be a dog! She is on 7 pills, twice a day but we're hoping she can get to a maintenance dose of 5-6 twice a day. Costco has the lowest price - it is $81 for 1,000 pills (so 71 days worth on the high dose; 100 days if she can get down to 5 pills twice a day - so this is pretty afforadable, about $40/month). We also recommend investigation into acupuncture and other naturopathic treatments/maintenance. There is a surgery that can be done eventually if her condition declines but there is no guarantee that she will need it. This disease may very likely shorten her lifespan, but she has plenty of good years left! For more information about Wobbler disease, visit Alexa is spayed, microchipped, flea treated, dewormed, and is current on vaccines. Your adoption donation goes toward the cost of this vet care as well as transportation and general care costs. In addition, all pets adopted from Motley Zoo come with 30 days of free pet insurance provided by Shelter Care.

Notes from Alexa's Foster Home:

Alexa is a gorgeous girl and has been described as a "lovable doofus", so she has a silly streak! She can be shy of new people but she bonds quickly and once she knows who are people are, she is very loyal and likes to be around them as much as possible. She's a very smart girl and knows the commands for "Sit", "Down", "Stay", and "Leave it". She walks well on a leash and is food motivated so the sky is the limit for her obedience training! She is eager to please and smart, which is the perfect recipe for a well behaved dog! She loves people, toys and food and she enjoys trips to the dog park. She doesn't love being brushed but luckily she has a short coat that doesn't need much brushing! She would prefer to be part of the family and wouldn't do well in a really solitary environment as she does have a bit of separation anxiety (a family where someone is home a lot would be perfect for her). Unfortunately due to her health, she is unable to walk a flight of stairs; she can manage a handful of steps, i.e. a short porch, but she can't manage much more than that. However, at a recent vet appointment, she got a good stamp of approval so although she will have Wobblers forever, with the gabapentin, she is enjoying each day. She does need some continued training around resource guarding. Due to her probable health issues, she really needs a dedicated forever home who is willing and able to fund her health costs so that she isn't in constant pain. She will more than reward this family with dedication and love!

If you are interested in adopting Alexa, please contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue by email: or for more information, visit their website

Let's find Sweet Alexa her forever home!

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