Thursday, May 3, 2012

Treat Stacking

I am very good at listening to Mommy when she tells me to do something. I do have on little question though......Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH OBEDIENCE? I mean, one of my tricks is to hold a treat on my nose. Sometimes Mommy likes to see how many treats she can stack on my short nose/round head. The most I ever held was 12 but that was really hard to do. In this post I will just show you three Milkbones being stacked on my nose one at a time.

First Mommy starts with one Milkbone. This is easy because it's only one bone.

Then, Mommy adds a second Milkbone. Still easy but getting a little harder.

Last, the third Milkbone is placed on top. Three is the most I can hold on my actual nose. After three, Mommy has to start putting the treats on my head. One wrong move could sent the bones falling to the floor.

I don't know any other Boston Terrier that can hold more than one treat without drooling.

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