Sunday, May 27, 2012

Behind The Scenes

A lot goes into the photos that Mommy takes of me. She does photography and knows how to get great pictures, so I thought I would do a behind the scenes blog post. That way everyone can see what goes in to getting those cool photos. This post is about pictures at the beach.

First we will start with the swimming pictures. Mommy has to throw the float toy for me or sometimes she just holds it in the air to get a picture of me in my life vest.

These are a few of the pics because there are just too many to post

Next, Mommy is getting a picture of me sitting on top of a cement wall. Sometimes it can be a little hard to get my attention, but Mommy always gets it done.

Mommy is now getting me ready and set up for the next photos.

I have to sit really still after she poses me, but I'm good at that.

She first tries taking the picture while standing

but it isn't what she was looking for. She want wants more of a straight shot instead of one looking slightly down.

She tries again, but this time she gets down at my level to get the shot she wants.

She gets it!

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