Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Early Morning

We have now moved into our new home and both Sadie and I are doing very well with it. I have to admit that I am still getting used to not being able to go off-leash when I go outside. I also keep running to the sliding door, only to find out that the grass I want to pee on so urgently is about 10 feet below our patio. It's going to take some getting used to.

Well, Mom had to work early again this morning. The only difference now is that her work is farther away than before. That means that she has to wake up a little earlier to be able to leave earlier. This is how I looked this morning when Mommy got up.

Then, Mom said that we got to come with her because she wouldn't be home again for a long time and she didn't want me and Sadie to have to hold our pee and poop in that long, or have an accident. This is me waiting for Mom and Sadie by the front door.

It was still really dark when we got to Mommy's work and we did have to get up early, so Sadie and I were still really tired.

A few hours later, we got to go in the car for another ride. We had to take the little boy that Mommy takes care of to preschool. I got got to ride up front, but Sadie was too freaked out and wanted to stay in the way back.

Overall, it was really early and a little crazy, but so worth it!

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