Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Was Naughty Last Night

First, I want to say that I am feeling better with this eye medicine and the vet was very pleased with how my eye looked yesterday at my re-check visit. With that said, I am also feeling a bit sick to my stomach.

Why I was a naughty boy last night:

Mommy gave me my food first because she wanted to make sure I ate all of it, along with the Rimadyl pill. I did, but was still acting really hungry. She let me outside to go potty and poop while she fed Sadie and our friend Tia, a dog we are dogsitting right now. Sadie was fed in her crate because she usually tries to steal Tia's food. Mommy let me back inside and didn't pay much attention to me and Tia's food because I always leave it alone. Well, Tia didn't finish and the food looked so yummy! I couldn't resist the urge to eat! Mommy caught me finishing up her food and is not sure how much I ate, but my tummy was very, very full! I had a little tummy ache last night, but it's feeling better this morning.

The worst part is that Tia's food is Chicken and I have a slight allergy to chicken. Mommy's mad because now I'm going to have diarrhea real bad and she really doesn't want me to wake her up 3-4 times tonight because I have to go poop. She said "If you have to go in the middle of the night, use the litterbox! Don't go waking me up because you ate food that wasn't yours and your tummy doesn't like it." I guess I brought this on myself.

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