Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Annual Check-Up 2012

Yesterday I went to see the vet for my annual check-up and it was anything but normal. I was fine when I left the house, but when I actually got into exam room, I started squinting my left eye. My eye was really red too and Mommy couldn't figure out why I was doing this. I was just being a good boy and waiting until I actually got to the vet to show that I was in pain. Why should I have done it before? That would just be silly!

Here I am waiting for the vet to come in. Sadie was a good girl while she waited too!

I got my check-up first and my weight was normal, temperature was normal (although I don't really enjoy having a thermometer put in where the sun don't shine), and ears looked normal. My Mommy brought up my problem with my allergies and how the Benadryl wasn't working as well as it used to. She suggested that, at some point, we would want to see an allergy specialist to get tested to find out exactly I am allergic to. Until we are able to do that though, she suggested bathing me 3 times a week to see if that helps my skin at all. I am not looking forward to it. I mean, a bath more than once a month! I hate baths, I hate baths, I HATE BATHS!

Next the vet checked my eye because she was a little concerned about how red it was and that I was squinting it so much. Mommy said, "Oscar, why are you squinting your eyes now? They are going to think I don't care for you and notice these thing!" Sorry mom, but I only show pain when I'm in the exam room at the vet office. After looking at my eyes, she is very concerned about the one I didn't want to open. She took a pressure test in both my eyes and they were a little high. Not high enough to be glaucoma, but it is probably heading in that direction. She ordered a blood draw to make sure there are not any underlying causes for this. She also wanted to see me again today. I'm hoping that today will go a little better. For now, I am on 2 eye drop medicines and Rimadyl.

Sadie's check-up went much better! She is healthy and the only concern the vet had about her was that one of her teeth has some root exposure, but I am the top priority right now.

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