Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Going to Miss You Denny's Pet World!

There are many good things about moving. I get to move to a bigger place, meet new friends, and get to live closer to the beach, but there are also a few sad things about moving. One thing I'm going to be sad about is not getting to visit Denny's Pet World all the time. It's my favorite pet store and I am really going to miss it! Let me show you what I love about it.

Looking at the reptiles is always fun for me because they remind me of my Leopard Gecko brother Gollum. I'm going to miss watching them here. It's just not the same anywhere else!

I am going to miss visiting with the bunnies and Guinea Pigs. This was always my favorite spot to go because I love them as much as I love my Guinea Pig sisters Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Spice. We got Spice at Denny's Pet World, so they will always have a special place in my heart.

This was the night I first saw Cinnamon Spice there.

I loved looking at all the toys that I wanted to take home, but Mommy said I couldn't because I already have enough toys to play with.

Then, I would give her my sad face because I didn't get any toys.

Lastly, there is the boxes full of treats. You scoop out the treats you want and put them in a bag to buy. I always liked to see if I could sneak one when Mommy wasn't looking but, most of the time, I didn't get away with it. I'm going to miss that too.

So, as much as I'm going to love moving, I'm still going to miss the things I have grown up with for 7 years

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