Friday, February 17, 2012

My Pets

Mommy may have bought the guinea pigs, but they have become my pets. I love to hang out with them. They are just small, furry dogs anyway! Right?

About 3 times a week, the guinea pigs get floor play time. When I see Mommy get the pen out, I get all excited. I jump in the piggie playpen and wait for Mommy to put my buddies in it.

Sadie and I love playing with them. I am so glad the piggies like us. I would be so sad if they didn't.

They are very interesting to watch. When I touch them with my cold nose, they run really fast. Most of the time I just like to watch them.

I always wait until they eat all the Cheerios they want before I pick up the leftovers.

I love being a brother!

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