Monday, February 20, 2012

Jumbone Free Home

My home is Jumbone free. Mommy won't buy them and hasn't let one in the house in at least 3 years. You may be asking WHY? The reason is because they make me sick. They taste great and keep me out of trouble for hours, but I would throw them up a day and a half later. The chunks that were thrown up were not even digested! After almost 2 days!

The first time it happened, Mommy thought I just bit off too big of chunks. She watched me the second time to make sure I wasn't biting off more than I could chew and the same thing happened. It happened a third time too. After throwing up for the 3rd time, Mommy said she would never let me have one again and would never buy them. I can't say I blame her. I don't like getting sick either.

So, sadly, I have to give Pedigree Jumbones NO PAWS UP. They are just not worth me getting sick everytime. I'm not saying they are bad for all dogs, but they really didn't agree with me.

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