Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Buster Cube

This cube is AWESOME and so much fun too! If your dog gets bored with their food or likes to work for their food, this is a great toy/food dispenser/boredom buster.

This is the description on Smarter Toys make their dogs work for their food which provides healthy mental and physical stimulation. The Buster Food Cube is the most difficult treat dispenser and features an adjustable hole to control difficulty level. 5" size

I wasn't too sure how I was supposed to use it at first. Mommy had to show me how to push the cube with my nose in order to get the food out. Once I figured it out, it became one of my favorite toys. Now, I get so excited when Mommy brings it out. I even howl for it sometimes!

I give the Buster Cube 4 PAWS UP because I have lots of fun, it wears me out, and feeds me yummy food and treats at the same time.

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