Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Christmas Story

My Christmas Day was great! We got started early, but not too early. I was still a little tired from sleeping, so I went into the bathroom to lay by the heater with Sadie. Mommy found us and said that we had to come out so that we could check our stocking and open presents.

Sadie and I looked in our stocking first. We got some new toys!

I got some new pacifiers!

Sadie was totally looking cute for the camera.

My first present had some stuffed animals in it. I just wanted to suck on my new monkey while it was still attached to the cardboard.

But.....then I just wanted to play with the box they were in.

I started opening my second present by myself.

Then I got a little frustrated when I had trouble unwrapping it.

Mommy came to the rescue by holding the box while I ripped the wrapping paper off.

I was like, "Is this really for me?"

Inside, there was a long rope toy that Sadie loved!

We got some chews.

My favorite thing was the lamb bone! I wanted to eat it right away!

Then Sadie wanted to try a taste of it.

Sadie pulled.

I pulled back.

I growled and showed my teeth.

Then, Sadie slowly took the bone away from me.

Sadie got really pushy about opening the gifts!

Then, she got really sad when there were none left to open.

Later, Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, and I went to grandma and grandpa's house(daddy's mom and dad). I was exhausted from the day, so I slept most of the time we were there.

It was a great Christmas!

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