Friday, August 17, 2012

What Most People Don't Know About Me

That's right! I have a secret that only friends and family know about, but I'm ready to share it with the world. I am litterbox trained. Yes, all 28 pounds of me will use the litterbox if I have to.

I would like to say that as much as I can use the litterbox, I would rather go outside to do my business. I does come in handy when it's too cold to go outside or if mom ever gets sick and isn't able to get out of bed. It also comes in handy when Mom works long hours or if she goes out to the fair of other long event. She doesn't have to worry about me or Sadie having an accident.

Now, some people are completely against it because it's "not natural" and that it's teaching the dog to use the bathroom inside the house. I have also heard some say that it's for people who are too lazy to take their dog outside to pee and poop. I think those people are wrong.

1)You are not teaching dogs to poop in the house. Instead, you are teaching them to go in a specific place, just like you teach them to go outside.

2) It is NOT for lazy people who don't want to take their dogs out to potty. I mean, you wouldn't want to litter train a Great Dane or Golden retriever because, let's face it, nobody wants to scoop out a gigantic poop out of a big litterpan. Where would you even put a big litterbox like that? For small dogs who are having housetraining issues, it's a wonderful thing. I will explain by telling Sadie's story.

When we got Sadie 3 years ago, she had been a puppy mill dog and was used to going to the bathroom in the crate where she was living. At out house she would go poop and pee anywhere in the house because that's what she had done all her life, going where she was living. Mom had tried everything to get her to go outside to go potty, but nothing worked. Then Mom tried litterbox training her because there was already a litterbox in the house (I have been trained to use it since I was about 10 weeks old) and her attempt failed so she gave up on that idea. Then one day Sadie started using it. Mom was so happy! Sadie hasn't had an accident on the floor in 3 years.

Well, that's my secret!

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