Monday, August 6, 2012

Friends of the week

My friends of the week are Milo and Bailey!

Milo is the big boy in the picture. He was adopted into his family last September after he was brought to a shelter by a puppy mill person. He had a cherry eye and nobody wanted him. I'm so glad that he has a forever home now! He LOVES his toy chicken so much that he chewed the feet off and still plays with it. He also likes to steal things so his mom can chase him down!

Bailey is the smaller girl in the picture. She is a quiet, shy, and can get a little scared sometimes because she is blind, but is a good girl. When she was younger, some very bad people were mean to her. They hit her in the head and one of her eyes popped out. Her other eye was poked with something sharp and the mean people didn't take her to the vet, so she can't see out of that eye. She was saved from being shot and was brought to a Boston Terrier rescue. She was adopted into her forever family and is loved a lot.

I am so glad to know both of you! I am so glad you have a loving family and am so happy to have you for friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing their sweet story....we are so happy that they are both safe and happy in their new "forever families"!!!

    Love Jeni, Mom to Harley, Junior and Poodle