Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Project

I have done many projects to help people and rescues, and most are for people I don't know. The project that I have just started working on comes a lot closer to home because it is for a family friend. Grandma has known this person for 30+ years and Mom had known her since she was born. Her name is Lynda and she has breast cancer. I remember when Mommy first found out. She was shocked and very sad to hear such horrible news. Lynda has been going through Chemotherapy and it had been very hard on her. The chemo makes her sick, she has lost all her hair, and has gained back weight that took so long for her to lose and keep off. Recently Grandma was talking to mom about how Lynda was doing and mentioned that she had been very depressed and down lately because of everything that is going on right now. After hearing this, Mom got an idea of how to cheer her up. We are going to be making a scrapbook for Lynda to enjoy everyday. A book that is inspiring and encouraging for this brave woman who is in the battle for her life.

I put the word out about this project to my friends on facebook and the response has been overwhelming. We have gotten so many pictures of animals through e-mail and facebook and it is so wonderful to see so many people supporting this great cause. It is amazing to see people, from all over the world, take time out of their day to help a woman they don't know.

We have been busy for the past 2 days going through emails and organizing pictures together. I have been a big help to mom. I will post updates as we get this book made.

Look at me work. Busy! Busy! Busy!

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