Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary

Most people don't know this but Sadie and I have been "married" for 3 years, as of yesterday. We had our Muttrimony On June 6, 2009 at Duvall Days thanks to the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Mommy paid $20 for the whole thing and that money went to the rescue. The first pictures are from our Muttrimoney.

Here is the bride getting ready

Reading the wedding vows

Signing the certificate

We are a good looking couple!

People often ask how we stay happily married. That is such an easy question to answer. I obey Sadie. If she kicks me out of bed in the middle of the night, I stay out. If she tries to steal food out of my bowl, I let her have to whole thing. I back off when she growls and snaps at me because she doesn't like how rough I'm playing or maybe I stepped on her. I would protect her with my life if it came down to it. I love this girl!


We can't forget about our children! We have four adopted kids that we love dearly. Ginger the guinea pig and Gollum the Leopard Gecko are the oldest. They belonged to me before we even got married and Sadie has accepted both as her own. We adopted Vanilla Bean two years ago with her sister Cocoa. Sadly, Cocoa got sick this past month and passed away on May 12th of this year. It's not easy to lose your baby when you love them so much. You never really get over a tragedy like this, but life goes on. We had little time to grieve though because our little bundle of joy Cinnamon Spice was adopted into our family on May 17th at the age of just 6 weeks old. All the older kids accepted baby Spice from day one and we couldn't be a happier family!

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