Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My 7th Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 7 years old and don't feel it at all! I have just as much energy as I did 6 years ago. The only difference is that I have white hair on my face now! Well, my birthday was great and I will blog more about it in the next few days. Right now I am going to talk about the party and the cake.

Mommy made the cake and frosting. I will post the recipe for it tomorrow. Auntie Miko, Sadie, my friend Bailey, and I all sat at the table waiting to eat cake.

Here I am with my cake

It was very Tasty!

It was so good that I licked my plate clean!

Sadie loved her piece so my that she tried to swallow it whole! Mommy had to pull it out of her throat.

My friend Bailey wouldn't eat at the table. She wanted to have her cake on the floor.

Over all it was a great birthday party. Nothing big, but so much fun!

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