Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun with My Basketball

I'm just putting this out there- I LOVE MY BASKETBALL! There, now you know. I would play with it all day if I could, but Mommy takes it away when I get way too tired! Most of the time I don't even wait for Mommy to kick the ball before attacking it like a mad dog. Sometimes though, Mommy makes me wait until she gives me the Okay to run for it! That is what I am blogging about today.

First is the waiting, which I hate. I just want to play with the basketball already!

Then, Mommy says " Oscar Okay. Go get it Oscar!" That is my cue to run like my life depends on it!

I'm getting closer now!

Almost there!!

Just a little faster!!!

I made it! Now I can slobber and attack it as much as I want!

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