Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Auntie Penny!

My Auntie Penny turned 14 years old March 22nd. That's 84 in doggie years! My Grandma and Grandpa gave her a party and Sadie and I just had to go. I mean....there was cake! Who doesn't like cake?

The birthday girl!

Everyone at the table waiting for the grandma to cut the cake. Notice how Sadie was tired of waiting.

I was a good little boy, but Sadie really wanted the cake!

Then, we got cake put on our plates but we had to wait until Auntie Penny took the first bite. I mean is that?

Mommy caught me with the crazy eyes while I was eating my cake!

I was eating my cake, but stopped to watch Sadie inhale her piece.

It was so yummy!

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