Friday, March 30, 2012


Tomorrow is The All Fool's Day Parade in the city where I live and I get to go every year. I always love it! Well, Mommy said I needed a bath because she wants me to be nice and clean for the parade. I was also getting a little stinky.

There is only one problem with bathtime.....I hate taking baths. That's why Mommy gives me baths with the hose outside in the summer. It's a lot more fun with the hose.

Can you tell I don't want to go in the tub?

I watch the water for about a minute, then I look at Mommy and ask "Why?"

Why Mommy? Why?

It's time to get out!!!

Bathtime is over!! Until next time.....


  1. I love that face!! It's so funny!! When I give my Harley (also a Boston) a's the only time he holds completely still and allows me to kiss his face OVER AND OVER AGAIN....with out trying to mug me with kisses !! I LOVE BATH day!!!

  2. My Boston Carter just stands there and basks in the warm water. Maudie, on the other hand, looks at me like I am beating her. She's a recuse dog and I think whomever was abusing her used to hose all the dogs off. It makes me feel like a monster.