Friday, March 8, 2013

Q and A

My last Question and Answer went so well that I'm doing it again. I will continue doing these when we get Questions. So, here you go!

Q1) What is your favorite toy or treat?

A) I will tell you both. I have two favorite toys. One is my rope and the other is a tennis ball, any toy ball really.

My favorite treats are Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats.

Q2) How do you let your mum put a treat on your nose for the trick?

A) Well, it wasn't easy to teach me, but it's not impossible. Mom would put a treat on my nose and hold her hand under my chin. She would say "Hold It" and slowly take her hand away. If I started to lower my head, she would put her hand back under my chin and repeat the process. She continued this until I was able to hold my head up without needing her hand there.

Q3) When your mum first introduced you and Sadie to the guinea pigs, how was she sure that you two wouldn't hurt the guinea pigs?

A) I have always loved my guinea pigs. Mommy already had my late piggie brother, Ginger, when she brought me home at 8 weeks old. I always thought they were little tiny dogs (or that I was a big Guinea Pig). Sadie had just weaned her puppies when Mommy started fostering, was very scared in a new home, and didn't want anything to do with people. The Guinea Pigs started crying for food the first night and Sadie thought it was her babies. Mommy got one of the piggies and put it next to Sadie to see if that would help her deal with not having her puppies anymore. It worked and Sadie started mothering the Guinea Pigs, like she would do with her own puppies, because that's all she knew for years.

Q4) How does your mum get you all to stay still for the group photo?

A) Not very easily. It takes a lot of pictures to get the one she's looking for. She also has to take the photos quickly or else we decide that we're done. Often times she has to put any one of us back 20-30 times because we move. Sometimes Mommy takes up to 100 photos until she gets the perfect one!

Q5) How do you/your mum get the guinea pigs to Stay in one place? Wouldn't they run around and it would be hard for your mum to catch them?

A) Believe me, they DO run and will try to walk around the apartment while she's trying to get pictures. This is another situation where Mommy has to get as many pictures as she can in order to get what she is looking for. This goes for me and Sadie too. Animals do what they want and they decide when they are done doing something (even if you just started!). Here are examples of some bloopers.

When the Guinea Pigs decide to do their own thing.

When dogs don't want to listen or look at the camera.

There are also those times when one dog photobombs another dog. They just have to sneak in when you're trying to get a picture.

Keep the questions coming! I enjoy answering them.

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