Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh The Things You Will Find!

The world around us is a wonderful place to explore and I love finding interesting things on our adventures! like on our trip to Mukilteo Beach this past weekend. When Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, and I all go together, we like to check it out during low tide to see what we can find. I'll start with our trip there. I, as always, wore my Doggles while sticking my head out the car window.

We drove past the Boeing Plant in Everett, Washington.

I was so excited when we reached the parking lot!

We started heading down to the beach.

The sun came out when we got to the water and it was beautiful!

I find that the best places to find sea creatures is in the tide pools that are left behind when the tide goes out.

Sadie and I both got our paws wet in these little pools, but we didn't care because it was fun! Sadie was looking really cute in her outfit too!

We had to turn over some big rocks to find Crabs, clam shells, and Sea Anemone! Can you see the crab in the first picture?

The train went by and I got to watch it.

We found an old tire that had washed up and I had to check it out.

Then, we went further down the beach.

We found a drain pipe and I had to investigate. You normally can't see the pipe because the water covers it.

After that, we just enjoyed the beach!

I also pooped on the rocks near the shore and we weren't close to a trash can. Mommy had take the poop bag all the way up the beach to throw it away. I waited with Daddy for her to return.

In this picture she was already gone.

This is when she was coming back. You can barely wee her, but she's there!

You never know what you will find! I can't wait to go on more adventures and find more interesting objects this spring and summer!

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