Sunday, January 22, 2012

The snow is going away

I am so sad right now. It snowed a lot in the past week and now it is all melting. WHY?? Why does it have to go away? I LOVE SNOW!!! I get so excited when Mommy lets me go outside in the white stuff.

I like going for walks in the snow too! Mommy had to put weird stuff on my paws to protect them. She says it's called wax. I don't like it because it smells really funny. My sister Sadie doesn't like it either; she tries to eat it off her paws, but I don't because I am a good little boy. We also have to wear our pajamas because it was really cold.

I walked in my Mommy's footprints in the snow. They were the perfect size for all 4 of my feet to fit in.

I really enjoyed taking a nice stroll until Mommy said it was way too dangerous to walk on the street my myself, at night, without a light. OOPS!

I got to go for a ride in my grandpa's truck! It was so cool.

The best part was when Mommy made me a snow house! I loved going inside it and laying on my rug. Mommy thought it was cute that I was even protecting my house from the neighbors.

I have had so much fun! I hope it snows here again soon!

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